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Fountain and Aeration
Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control Inc - Florida lake, pond, wetland and preserve management.

Fountains and Aeration

Lake and Pond fountain and aerator installations, repairs, and maintenance. 


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There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to water aeration.

  • Surface agitation

  • Prevents algae growth

  • Removes bad odors from the water

  • Oxygenates water

  • and more...

At Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control we install, repair, and maintain fountain and aeration systems throughout Florida for lakes and ponds. These mechanical features promote the health and beauty of your water bodies. They are essential to providing enough dissolved oxygen throughout the water to be sure your fish and aquatic plants are healthy.


In addition to boosting dissolved oxygen within the water aeration systems and fountains prevent algae growth which can be unsightly and toxic.


If you want to insure a body of water remains healthy – installing fountains and aeration is the place to start.

​If your fountain or aeration system is breaking-down or is insufficient for the size of the body of water, the results will show. Stagnant water will kill fish and plants along with providing algae a desired place to grow. The growth of excess algae will only further steal oxygen from the water making the problem worse until you are left with a toxic mess that will be harder and more costly to fix than simply maintaining or upgrading your system.

Take advantage of the great sunlight Florida receives and let it power your pond with a solar fountain and lights.

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