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Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control Inc - Florida lake, pond, wetland and preserve management.

Preserve and Wetland Management Service

Comprehensive management and maintenance services to maintain a healthy ecological balance throughout Florida Preserves and wetlands.


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Stormwater Runoff
Wetland Compliance
Preserve and Wetland

Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control provides complete ​preserve and wetland management throughout Florida. We advocate holistic restoration and mitigation practices to protect wetland environments that many special and vital species call home.


These areas are part of the natural ecosystem helping to reduce flooding and storm damage, and act as a natural filter for stormwater runoff.

With community growth and development, preserve and wetland maintenance is important to support the health of the watershed which in-turn supports fishing, hunting and the recreational activities that make Florida such a great place to live.


From invasive species, to changes in the quality of water-flow, managing these important and sensitive areas is vital not only to preserving the ecosystem, but to preserve property values as well!

Stormwater Runoff

Fortunately, Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control makes it our mission to bolster environmental preservation efforts with various stormwater runoff control services throughout the state of Florida.


We firmly believe that our tailored approach to stormwater runoff control is a testament to our commitment to wetlands compliance. Call on us for a comprehensive management and maintenance system that will effectively counteract the impact of storm water runoff which in turn will meet the needs and maintain compliance with municipal regulations.

Clear Lakes understands that wetland compliance standards and other regulatory initiatives for bodies of water can be difficult to keep knowledge on. That’s why we’re here to help you. Following regulations is about more than preventing legal troubles. It is most importantly about preserving ecosystems throughout the state.


By putting your stormwater runoff control and management needs in our hands, we’ll not only work to help you avoid liability for ecological damage but also to create a bright future for your business and/or property.


Reach out to our specialists to learn more about compliance concerns or to set up a consultation to discuss your storm water management needs.

Wetland Compliance

When it comes to wetland environments, standards can be complex and demanding. Here at Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control we simplify our clients’ lives by providing wetland compliance management throughout Florida by meeting regulatory goals and addressing any related challenges.


As your partners for wetlands management, we have the expertise necessary to keep your property and practices in line with the latest requirements that impact you. With us on your side, you gain:

  • In-Depth Regulatory Knowledge 

  • Stress-Free Peace of Mind 

  • Holistic Management Solutions 

Whether you’re experienced with preserve and wetland management​​and legal requirements associated with these areas or have only just learned about them recently, you can count on us to help you maintain those sensitive natural areas. Our experts deliver ecological insights and tailored advice based on the laws most relevant to your situation. 

View more information regarding EPA and state wetland programs and initiatives.

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