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Shoreline Maintenance
Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control Inc - Florida lake, pond, wetland and preserve management.

Shoreline Maintenance

Comprehensive management and maintenance services to keep your shoreline in line with the quality your water deserves.


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Let us evaluate the conditions of your water and tailor a comprehensive management plan.

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Have you ever noticed that when it comes to shoreline landscaping throughout Florida that most landscapers can’t seem to get it right? Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control specialists work in and around lakes, ponds, wetland preserves and almost any waterfront landscape.


Where water meets the yard, or yard meets the wetland, you often see landscapers leave a “no-mans-land” of ignored territory that, in time, becomes overgrown and never cared for. Water-inclusions should add beauty to your property, not be unsightly “rough spots”.

Our services go beyond the mere cut-and-trim of the average landscaper. We also provide wetlands management, tree care/removal, aquatic plantings, sod, and collectively work with the aquaculture of your property to insure plants in and around the water are cared for and kept as beautiful as the rest of your yard.


Have you noticed landscaping services blow clippings into your lake or pond? Not us! We know that the water is just as sensitive as your lawn and work to keep it just as healthy.

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