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About our company.

Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control is a veteran owned and operated company providing lake management, pond management, preserve, wetland management and maintenance services throughout the State of Florida. With over twenty years of combined experience we have successfully maintained various bodies of water for clients such as:

Golf courses


Recreational waters

Retention ponds and basins

Right-of-way management

Personal property lakes and ponds

Homeowners associations

and more...

The solution to a clear and beautiful lake.

At Clear Lakes we make it our mission to utilize emerging industry technology balanced with an eco-friendly approach to maintaining water. Our team is at the ready to evaluate the current conditions of your body of water to tailor a comprehensive management plan that will get you on the path to clear and beautiful water. We offer a wide range of services from fish - gastropod - and beneficial bacteria stocking, fountain installation - repair - service, aeration, algae removal and algae control. 

Invasive aquatic weeds, water plants, and trees can be unsightly. We ensure that your body of water is not being overrun by invasive species such as cattails, Brazilian pepper trees and more. We encourage you to learn more about those species invasive to the beautiful state of Florida. 

Residential and public ponds are a big part of Florida. Let Clear Lakes service your pond, pond fountains, aerators and pumps. Make use of the great sunlight Florida receives to power your pond with solar fountains and lights.

Please take a moment to view our list of clients. We are proud to serve them. 

Lake and Pond

At Clear Lakes we enjoy tailoring comprehensive management plans for our clients lakes and ponds. Each body of water comes with unique challenges and dynamic solutions. Contact us today for a free site analysis to help get you on a corrective path to beautiful water.

Preserve and Wetland

Clear Lakes gives back to the state we call home. Ensuring our preservation and wetlands we enjoy in recreation is important to us.Proper management of these sensitive areas is vital not only to preserving the ecosystem, but of preserving property values as well.

Shoreline Maintenance

The conditions in and around your water are important to the overall health of your water. Clear Lakes ensures that the two are equally balanced for a beautiful and healthy ecosystem. Let us increase the function of your property, while increasing its value.

Fountains and Aeration

Fountains and aeration provide movement within the water restoring dissolved oxygen, creating surface agitation and prevent sediment build up. Learn how these systems can boost the health of your water and the life living beneath the surface.