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Algae Control

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Blue-Green algae referred to as Cyanobacteria.


Bright Green algae that is slimy and matted in texture.


Yellow-Green algae that is dense and carpet like.

Algae Removal and Control

Has algae taken over your ponds or lakes? Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control provides algae control and prevention services throughout Florida.


We have proudly served high profile properties throughout Florida to remove algae from their lakes and ponds as well as kick start their prevention plan moving forward.


Florida is known for its swamps. Natural and man-made water systems throughout the state are constantly “seeded” with both local and invasive strains of algae. These strains of algae quickly take over a body of water and turn it into an unsightly and toxic mess. Algae will eventually choke-out all other life currently existing within the lake or pond and can be devastating if left unmanaged.


Here at Clear Lakes Aquatic Weed Control we battle algae eradication and prevention using only natural methods. Our prevention measures include:

  • Aeration

  • Controlled nutrient levels

  • Proper drainage

  • Sufficient water flow.

In the case of an algae clean-up, we use mechanical means and only chemicals sparingly to insure that the body of water can be restored and restocked with healthy species to bring the lake or pond back to full and sustainable health.

There are a few types of algae that are of concern to the water throughout Florida. 

Cyanobacteria (cyanophyta) is a blue-green type of algae that is one of the most common species that is responsible for large algae blooms resulting in harmful toxins called cyanotoxins. These toxins can be harmful to pets, fish, and other wildlife whom may come in contact with this type. This algae type can be found in various lakes, ponds and rivers throughout the state and if left unmanaged can be detrimental to the environment surrounding the body of water including the entire water column.

Chloraphyta is another large variety of grouped algae that is green in color and heavily matted. Often time it is noted you can find this type of algae within irrigation runoff the shoreline of lakes.

Xanthophyta algae is yellow-green in color and lacks any brown pigments. A primarily freshwater organism, xanthophyta algae can be located in damp soil or trees outlining waterways.

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