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Aeration systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers air to specialized diffusers that are located on the pond bottom. Resulting in a column of rising bubbles that circulates water throughout the pond, eliminating a change in temperature or thermocline. With increased oxygen and added natural bacteria, any excess nutrients in the pond or lake are metabolized, resulting in cleaner, clearer water and less muck. Results you can see in just 90 days!


Aeration circulates the water and increases oxygen, providing long-term benefits and reducing overall maintenance. Aeration is a key step in the Airmax Ecosystem, a simple 3 step approach to pond and lake management. The Airmax Ecosystem is the industry-leading method to achieve a clean, clear, thriving aquatic ecosystem.


  • Linear Diaphragm Compressor
  • Composite Cabinet
  • Weighted Diffuser
  • Enhanced Cooling System
  • Dual Air Filters
  • Quick Airline Disconnects
  • Pressure Gauge & Relief Valve
  • 3/8" Weighted Airline


Max Pond SizeUp to 1/4 AcreMax Diffuser Depth6'Aerates Pond Size Up to 6' DepthUp to 1/4 AcreSilentAir CompressorLR25 DiaphragmMax/Running Amps0.43Voltage115VWattage50 WattsMax CFM2.5ProAir 2 Diffusers2 DiffusersAirmax Composite CabinetCabinetCabinet Dimensions23"L x 17"W x 15"HPower Cord6'Monthly Operating Cost (24/7)*$3.60ProAir Diffuser Warranty5-YearsCompressor & Electrical Component Warranty3-YearsComposite Cabinet Warranty10-YearsEasySet Airline Warranty5-Years

Airmax Shallow Water Series SW20

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